I believe a cake should taste as good as it looks—maybe even better.

My passion for baking began years ago. Disenchanted with the overly sweet and overworked cakes I’d come across, I created Elsie’s Flour Shop to make the cakes I craved—fresh, seasonal and inventive creations with uncompromising flavor. 

My focus is on making balanced desserts that let star ingredients shine. Every recipe begins with the best materials I can find—including organic sugar and fruit, fresh herbs, fragrant Madagascan vanilla beans, and gourmet dark chocolate.

From chocolate lavender to rosemary citrus, my approach to baking is inventive and ingredient driven. My aesthetic is modern, understated, sometimes rustic, and never fussy. All of my cakes are finished exclusively with smooth and satiny Swiss buttercream and minimal, garden-style accents.

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